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December 21, 2009


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Hi Daryl,

Many thanks for this, I want to start experimenting with VEEAM and this seems like the perfect 'starter' to appreciate what will be next!


Well done. This gives me a 'warm and fuzzy' feeling about moving to Veeam Backup - I'm ready to make the jump.


looks ok for a single VM, but does it also capable of B&R a bunch of VM's, like 100 or so at once ?
does it support incremental backup ?

Overall a great, easy to use product that does what it says it will, without the need for lots of sweat! - highly recommended

But a couple of areas that need improvement;
a) a server test function that looks for all issues that you get to fix before scheduling jobs and then finding issues eg console access, esxi permissions etc

b) vmware guest review process, that also checks for known items so that jobs don't start and then run for 3 days until completion, eg virtual machine 6 vs 4, login accounts etc etc.

c) When doing a container? type of backup (vs selected vms), you should still be able to configure permissions for each vm, this option only seems to appear if you manually select each vm backup.

d) license checker - since in demo mode you have unlimited resources, the license tab should show what license you will need to buy based on the environment eg # of CPUs etc, so that you know what you costs will be.

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