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September 08, 2009


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Excellent! I'm getting ready to do my Exchange 2007 SP2 update in the next week or so. We also run BES. Thanks for the great blog post!


Hey Cisco--

No worries. Glad you find it helpful. Whenever I see your name on here, or my twitter timeline, I always laugh... I **just** finished a Cisco network conversation... and then see your post.

Anyway, let me know how your upgrade goes. I expect a better blog from than this from you... :)


Ahhhh, the IIS redirect was disabled! Great post. My SP2 upgrade went great, the IIS issue was the only one that came up.

Thx my brother

What did you do to fix the Default Website HTTP Redirect? I have the same problem and now I can't rediect OWA from http to https if I enable it it gives me the "403-Forbidden access denied" error
I would very much appreciate your help.


It's been several years, and honestly, I forgot how I did this with Exchange 2007.

However, I just went through this same process with Exchange 2010 and followed this resource here: http://www.ucblogs.net/blogs/exchange/archive/2010/04/28/Redirecting-the-root-web-site-to-_2F00_owa-and-forcing-SSL-in-Exchange-2010.aspx

I'm sure you can follow / translate that to Exchange 2007.

And, there's a great Exchange Ninja's script to help with all the various Virtual Directories - again - this is the 2010 version but you can adjust/translate


Hope that helps. Good luck!


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