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April 21, 2009


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Thank you sir!!!

Your directions and link to vmware really helped!

This is really good THANK you!

Hey jjgunn & Gene--

Thanks for the comments. The "tips and tricks" or "gotchas" are one thing I miss when I find other random blogs. I don't necessarily have the MOST useful information - but - when I run into a problem, I do my very best to document it for those that come after me. I always like to help!



I am currently a student who doing my final year project on a virtualised network using VMWare View.

I thank you for your informative articles, and now know more about VMWare View, however, I am still not clear on what is contained in the underlying infrastructure.

Is it possible to provide a logical network diagram, and the different servers required in the VMWare View network?


Hi luqman--

The best place to get what you want is from the VMWare website. If you're looking for details re: the different servers / underlying infrastructure for VMView - go here:




Is this the same process for view 4.5? I have followed your instructions but when I restart the service the web page is no longer accessible.


I honestly don't know. I haven't played with View 4.5 before. This project was for View 3.x and since then the product has been sidelined.



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