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March 09, 2009


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This is really good info. Do you think this dashboard view could replace SolarWinds Orion? Do they still have a 2MB limit to capture data?

Hey GB, personally, no, I don't think the dashboard view could/would replace Orion. We use Orion NPM as well, and they both have a place in our network. I use Orion NPM for larger overall history, graphing, etc that I don't get from this Dashboard view.

I'm not sure on the 2MB limit to capture data. A brief google doesn't help. That's probably a better question for thwack.com - lots of experts there, browsing the forums has really helped a lot too.

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Very nice information. Thanks ....

Hi All,

Engineer's Toolset 10 does have a 2GB data storage limit as documented here http://www.solarwinds.com/support/Toolsets/docs/ReleaseNotes/releaseNotes.htm

Toolset won't replace NPM but it does add many real-time trouble shooting tools and integrates with Orion using a right click.

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