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Might of lost my comment signing in to twitter....

Anyway, you are pruning VLANs though? Have you tested failover, because I suspect that the 802.1q trunk will block the VLANs that try to use the "backup" link. This would undo your PVSTP+ config.... :)

I think this is a great topic. There are a ton of ways to do this. Obviously, multi-chassis Etherchannel with HSRP or L2/L3 load balancing configured. Also, OSPF could do this too...

This is what makes the network design world so fascinating to me. There's never a right or wrong way. :)

DW Hunter

Thanks John!

I've not run into any sort of trunk/block issue in the past when I've done this with Cisco "native" networking. When you add multiple vendors into the mix, and have to adjust your STP topology, then things can get complex for sure.

I totally agree with your design statement - MANY ways to get there. I hope others come in to add to the conversation!



amazing Article!

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