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Bryce Raley

I envy the read list. I've read all the Seth Godin books and Rework. Fearless and Radical jumped out at me. I need to read those.

Also, dude I feel you on the stress levels and the somewhere between tolerating and anticipating playtime with the kiddos. Well worded. We'll get there.

Great post!

DW Hunter

Thanks for the comments Bryce! I am an avid reader, although things have been slowing down a little with my new gig. I'll spin back up later in the year.


Michelle Dunn

With the changes that have come your way-if you weren't stressed I would think you were a Cyborg!


I know your feeling about family. I find it hard to concentrate @ work and when I get home, it's nothing but a rat race and never seem to get anything done. If you figure out the secret to get out of the rut, let me know!

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