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Hi, I work in Cisco's Small Business Marketing department. I wanted to thank you for this post, it has a ton of great information! Here is a link to more information on the ASA 5500 series security appliances:

Thanks again!



Thanks for the Cisco Fu Daryl. I know this will come in handy for me some time. We have a 5505 at a site but had some issues early on because we had to keep getting new licenses. Initially, it had a limit of 50 uses (not sure how it identified them) and if you hit that it would get flaky and deny access for some people. After the upgrade it has been great. Do you have any SRST at these sites in the 1760?

DW Hunter

Hey Jeremy--

I do have SRST at all our remote locations (using 1760 and 28xx series routers.)

Here's the rub: we've already moved from PRI-based to SIP-based handoff at our Central location (and we've expanded that to about 5 other campuses including this one in Tennessee)

We're trying to decide if SRST is important to us - if so, we need to keep a voice router. If not, then we can get rid of another piece of gear at the remote location.

If SRST **is** important to us, then we'll have to keep a POTS (ish) line for that.

What do you guys do? SRST also?


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