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I will gladly watch the boys next time. Maybe you could find something fun to do up in Chicago. I'll be especially glad to watch those great little guys if it means I'll get more posts like this and less posts like that (http://www.darylhunter.me/churchit/2010/05/exchange-2010-offline-address-book-oab-issue-resolved.html) or that (http://www.darylhunter.me/churchit/2010/05/dnssec-cisco-asa-windows-server-dns-changes.html) or that (http://www.darylhunter.me/churchit/2010/04/lctv-it-skunk-works-1-cisco-cucm-exchange-2010-um-part-3.html) or...

Well, you get the point. :) We love you guys, and I'm totally not joking about watching the boys. They can come here or we can come there. Anytime!

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