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Sarah Hauer

finally a blog post i can understand! just got my copy of Outliers from the library -- let's discuss in a couple of weeks :)

Mark J. Graham

You have some excellent book choices there. Great post!

John (8BIT)

seriously, choosing to cheat should be at the top. i'm reading it... again.

Darrell Jordan

I agree on the Choosing to Cheat book. I read it and let a friend read it. When he was finished, his wife read it. When he went to give it back to me, he suggested that our pastor read it. I told him to let him borrow it. I am going to have to get over that way again so we can do lunch. I will have to drag Tony over with me. :)


DW Hunter

@sarah - ha! I'll probably start reading that one in about a week.

@mark - thanks. do you have anything to add to the list?

@john - word. Good book. These aren't in order :)

@darrell - seriously, bring Tony when/if you wander over this week...

Darrell Jordan

It won't be this week but we will have to get over that way soon. I will have to see when I can get a day off of work again.


James P

Thought of using Meraki (www.meraki.com)?

DW Hunter


No, I haven't considered Meraki in our environment. The prices look very competitive though.


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