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Howdy Daryl! Great post. We are setting this up with CallManager 6.1. Quick question. The Caller-ID is presenting our 4 digit extension plus the IP of the callmanager:

A call was received with the following parameters:
Calling Party: "sip:2421@",
Called Party: "sip:8100@",
Diversion Information: ""Alex Rodriguez" ;reason=deflection;privacy=off;screen=yes ",
Referred-By Header: "",
Call ID "ec0e9500-e321d27b-1d6a5-101e730a@".

How were you able to pass just the extension without the IP? Thank you.

DW Hunter


I didn't. What you see there is part of the SIP INVITE / "ladder setup" process.

You kinda want that info - so both sides know where the "source" traffic is so it's properly routed between gateways.

What's not working?


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