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This is excellent! :) You're a great sharer! Have you noticed my recent short URLs have been compliments of bit.ly? I'm enjoying the analytics quite a bit. :)

And playing? Well, I think that's something that a lot of dads forget. Especially those of you who are so dedicated to providing for and protecting your family. I'm confident that you will remember how to play quite quickly. Besides, you've got a life-partner who is an AWESOME player! :) Take a few notes from her, she's a first-rate Mom!

Love you guys! (And I'm not ashamed to admit that this is the first of your blog posts that I've actually read all the way through. I can't follow the other ones!)

DW Hunter

Hey Lindsay--

I figured you would be one of the first to post here. And I'm not surprised this is the first you've read all the way through :)

Thanks for the encouragement. Check back every now and then k?

Much love,


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