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I had an evaluation copy of Windows 2008 R@. Then i upgraded to the RTM build.
When I tried to activate, i got an error
Error: 0xC004C003 The activation server determined the specified product key is blocked

I followed the procedure you mentioed above ant it worked.

Thanks !



Glad it worked for you! This post, and my first post on KMS, have proven to remain very popular. I'd say 30-40%+ of my blog traffic are to these two posts alone!



I am downloading Windows Server 2008 R2 Build 7268 ISO ,which has a Product key.I am downloading it on a new server,how do i activate the product key.



Are you wanting to use an MAK or a KMS key? If KMS, do you already have a KMS infrastructure and are getting an error of somesort? If MAK, what have you tried and what errors are you getting?



Thank you. The info on the blocked keys solved my problem.

DW Hunter


You're welcome! Glad it was helpful!




Windows 2008 Std activation (MAK) has failed returning Error: 0xC004C003

Tried to ring MS, but they asked me to talk to my Sys Admin.

Any advise?

DW Hunter


I have the same advice. If YOU are the Sysadmin, then double check your keys / activation count using the volume licensing service center. You may have run into a "full" MAK, or, your MAK may have been compromised, etc.



remember a simply error: are date and time correct? If date /time are in future it takes the same effect (error 0xC004F074)!
Settling the correct time enables the registration.


thanks a lot for writing this post!! very helpfull


I'm getting a 0x80070005 error. Which is typically when you're not running on elevated command prompt. The thing is I am running elevated command prompt and the account I'm using is a local admin. Not sure why I'm getting this error.


Wow. Just Amazing. This works for me. i did so much research and finally stumbled on the right one. Do you also know the default keys for windows 10. That will be really helpful

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