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For your VM running Veeam B/R, what kind of CPU and memory did you assign it? Did you use thick or thin provisioning?

DW Hunter


I believe I gave this 4x vCPU and 8-16 gigs of memory. This was a long time ago, and I've honestly forgotten.

I do know that I quickly rebuilt this as a physical Veeam box. Why? I had a process change that needed this to be specifically physical so I gave it an older/unused Dell 2950 box with quite a bit of horsepower.

As I size virtual Veeam boxes (which are rare fo rare for me - I always try to go physical if I can) - I give them as much CPU as I can afford and not affect Ready % state, etc.

Veeam is a great product and will use all the resources you give it - so - if you want it to be fast, give it more "ooomph" :)


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