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david sinclair

We currently use Whatsup Gold but only for pings. I am currently considering switching to Nagios.


Hey David, thanks for the visit. I've done some Nagios work as well in the past. You can get some decent stuff if you find the right template and don't mind a little "pain" at first getting it working. I think I still have a Cacti/Nagios implementation that an intern helped me with - not really, he did all the work, I just watched - from a previous organization. I remember it being difficult to setup and manage, but I liked the information it pulled.

Have you looked at my Toolset posts? Some of the Toolset functionality is available for free - you should check it out.

david sinclair

I looked at the toolset post and am using some of them. Since you have used both what is the major difference between Nagios and OpenNMS?


David, here's a really good writeup on Nagios / OpenNMS



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