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Interesting that you are using 21 drives in a single zvol. I was under the impression that fewer disks = better performance and stability. Also impacts the time it takes to replace a failed drive?

From the ZFS best practices guide specific to RAIDZ:
The recommended number of disks per group is between 3 and 9. If you have more disks, use multiple groups.

Is there a reason you are using 21 disks in a group? Or did I miss something in your configuration?

DW Hunter

Hey Ty, you've got a great question. This is a couple years ago, and this particular situation was unique - needed a CRAP TON of storage just for replication. It was not primary storage. Normally, I would not do RAIDZ1 and normally I would not put that many drives ina single ZVOL. What I didn't post here was that this was rebuilt, with different hardware, and different RAIDZ2 config (using 12 disks - still too many probably but met my storage requirements)

When I deal with "normal storage" - I keep a RAID5 between 5-9 disks as the sweet spot for balance between read/write performance.

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