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Mikel Berger

Yep, I experience the summer hump with a lot of my clients. We work together to set out deadlines in the spring for projects to be done. We're working along fine and then all of a sudden it's days before emails are answered or calls returned. They always forget to factor in their vacation times or to even tell the outsider what is going on. Thankfully most are OK with missing deadlines in those cases, but it still makes it hard to schedule other projects.

And of course there is the winter hump. It's pretty much impossible to get anything done from Thanksgiving until the week after Jan 1.


Hey Mikel, I agree with the Winter Hump too - it's definitely a "shorter" hump - but a hump nonetheless. It is pretty amazing how easy it is to forget "vacation" time during project planning. I'm just as guilty as anyone else - how about you?

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