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Scott Miller

Bro... you are my hero! Just... wow.
Great job on the troubleshooting and a great post.


Spanning tree likes to flap at you a lot, didn't you face something similar when you started at Southeast? ;)

Did you check the card for "mad in china" sticker?

Kenny Snow

I am having a VERY similar problem, attempting to stream our services through FME, with random-ish disconnects that are driving me crazy! This week I started looking at the STP error that keeps popping up and then disappearing, I almost didn't see it in the log before it went away. Thanks for posting this, it gives me a new lead to solving our problem as well!


I'm an AT&T central office tech who works on Gigaman's and Cisco 6509's, and thought I'd let you know that almost 3 years after you posted this, I found it, read it, and learned something from it. So thanks!

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