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Hello Daryl,

I am trying to set up a test VMView in our organisation.
I am reading the VMView Admin.pdf as well as your notes. I want to create Automated Desktop Pool. I have reached a point where after selecting a Parent Image, going to the next page Default Image is blank.
I have taken a snap shot of the VM that will be the Gold Image and converted it to a Template. I have deployed the template, and it is fine, working …
It seems to me that I cannot get out of the vicious circle.
Can you point me to the right direction please?

Thank you very much.




I had that same problem when I tried to create a Windows 7 VM/Gold Image. What Operating System are you working with? Do you have all the latest patches, etc. installed on VMView?



When finished creating the Parent VM, you make a snapshot. After you've done that, you can select it in the Desktop Pool wizard.

I made my Parent VM using this guide:

Hope that's what you were looking for.

Greetings form Mars

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