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Jim Edwards

Awesome great tool! I just learned about solarwinds free tools earlier today when I was having problems with our exchange server. I've added this to our arsenal! Fantastic write up. Thanks again.

David Szpunar

That is pretty nice! I think the SNMP integration could really be an especially handy feature, which I don't think is a feature (don't quote me) of the open source IPplan ( http://iptrack.sourceforge.net ) web-based software that I've heard of (via @derekschwab on Twitter) and briefly tested myself. I haven't had a chance to dig in but I know IPplan will scan a subnet to determine what devices are there with what IPs (and MAC addresses), among other things. However, pulling from SNMP is another angle I don't think it provides. If I have the time I'll have to test both when I get the chance; thanks for the write-up Daryl!

IPplan is used by Lending Tree in Charlotte, NC per a recent article in Network World ( http://www.networkworld.com/newsletters/nsm/2009/041309nsm2.html ) which is nice...so often open source stuff (which I love in general) doesn't get any corporate adoption unless it's one of the "big names." Of course the SolarWinds stuff (free and otherwise) will be used by a ton of people...they ARE one of the "big names" :-) (Just not open source.)

Dave at Bitbud

I second IPPlan. It is truly free software that is easy to use for large teams. It is web based so it is available without installing any client, and stores the information in a non-proprietary format, so you can easily migrate. Integrates with LDAP (via Apache), SNMP, ICMP, groups, and more.

It isn't pretty though... but powerful.


IP address finder

Lots if IP address trackers available.


I'm trying to figure out how to import the subnet information from the native exports. IE if you have a subnet set up and commented, should you not be able to export that for use in rebuilding the information if you need to (disaster recovery)? I don't think you can, please tell me I'm wrong and how to do it! Thanks.

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