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Giancarlo Benvenuto

This is really good info. Do you think this dashboard view could replace SolarWinds Orion? Do they still have a 2MB limit to capture data?


Hey GB, personally, no, I don't think the dashboard view could/would replace Orion. We use Orion NPM as well, and they both have a place in our network. I use Orion NPM for larger overall history, graphing, etc that I don't get from this Dashboard view.

I'm not sure on the 2MB limit to capture data. A brief google doesn't help. That's probably a better question for thwack.com - lots of experts there, browsing the forums has really helped a lot too.

Thanks for the comment,


Pankaj Sharma

Very nice information. Thanks ....

Andy McBride

Hi All,

Engineer's Toolset 10 does have a 2GB data storage limit as documented here http://www.solarwinds.com/support/Toolsets/docs/ReleaseNotes/releaseNotes.htm

Toolset won't replace NPM but it does add many real-time trouble shooting tools and integrates with Orion using a right click.

Andy McBride


You should share the creative solution that we've developed here at LC to document when the internet is slow. Maybe in true LC fashion we could open-source it and make it available to other organizations.

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