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Jenny Hunter

Here are a few of mine...

1. More planning for meals - have a schedule of future meals so that grocery shopping and planning will be easier. I want to have a chart on the fridge of all upcoming meals and snacks.

2. Unplug Nathan - I want for him to play less computer, watch less TV. I want to be better at playing games with him, doing some academic stuff, getting him more independent in his activities.

3. Spiritual stuff - I have been a lot better at my daily readings for the past few months. I want to keep this up and when I am done with the Bible reading book I am doing now I want to do the Bible-in-a-year sort of plan.

4. Church - I want to be able to get more plugged in at church. First we need to decide for sure where that is and then what that looks like for us (small group and serving).

That's all I can think of right now.

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