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Mark B

I did this a lot at rhema for various reasons and uses. quite handy


we have tryed this but it only works for internal emails and outlook last to be open for this which doesn't help


Hey Roy--

Sorry to hear that. That's certainly a bummer. In our environment, this worked properly in Exchange 2003 and still currently works properly in Exchange 2007. It works for both internal and external emails. And, for us, Outlook does **NOT** have to be open.

I wonder what might be different with your environment versus ours? Have you done any diagnosis from the log files? Do you supposed your Network Admin folks are doing anything to prevent this from working on the server?



This works! I could only send from internal as well. Then i found a solution someone posted elsewhere.
You have to enable "Allow automatic replies" from Organization/Remote Domains under the "Format of original..." tab.

I just used the default that was there and made sure the allow both was selected on the general tab then the above.

DW Hunter

Thanks Marc! Good catch!




In Exchange 2003 you have to enable it from a different location.

Global Settings> Internet Message Formats> Default. Right-click Default (it's the only entry in a default installation), select the Advanced tab, and enable the desired option(s):

-Allow out of office responses
-Allow automatic replies
-Allow automatic forward



Thanks for uploading such a nice article.very good.


Thank You This worked perfectly!
Is there a way to insert the original subeject line in the reply?

DW Hunter

You know Rob, I'm really not sure. That wasn't a requirement for this project. I'm sure there's somesort of way to script that if Exchange doesn't provide it out of the box.


If you leave the subject of the auto response email blank it will use the subject of the incoming email in the response.

DW Hunter

Thanks Terry!



You 'da man, Marc. I was having issues with external senders too! Thanks!


This helped me SO MUCH!! It took me forever to find someone who mentioned how to get around the client only limitations. Thanks!!


I liked all the screenshots.

It appears that in Office365 you cannot leave the Subject line blank (thus keeping the original subject line). The rule gets an error when you save it. Bummer.

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